Thassos Ferries

Ναυτιλιακή εταιρία Ισίδωρου Μητσόπουλου

The Kavala Maritime Company was established in 1971 by Isidoros Mitsopoulos.

 The company is a Greek family business that has been operating maritime links for the last forty years between the island of Thasos and the ports of Kavala and Keramoti. It can boast a highly successful record in the movement of passengers by ferry.

The main factors in the company’s success and popularity with passengers have been its concern for safety, its reliability and its focus on services of the highest quality.

Combining a vision for the future with respect for tradition and commitment to meeting contemporary needs, the Kavala Maritime Company has been growing for forty years, becoming ever more flexible, versatile and dynamic. New vessels are regularly added to the company fleet, and older vessels refitted to meet the most rigorous international standards and specifications.

Certified Safety

Our vessels meet all the safety conditions laid down in national and international regulations. Both company and vessels are certified and have been operating since 2006 in accordance with the ISM Code of the International Maritime Organization.

Certified Quality

We require that all our main suppliers be ISO and HACCP certified for the provision of quality services, environmental management and food production and storage.